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2018 All-conference baseball

*All-Conference baseball is selected by coaches*

5A Disrict 5-6 all-region baseball

Player of the Year: Randon Hostert Bonneville, 11


1st Team: Tanner Clayton, Rigby, 12; Dylan Virgil, Bonneville, 10

2nd Team: Jaxon Christensen, Highland, 9; Jaden Schwab, Madison, 11

Honorable mention: Dillan Johnstone, Hillcrest, 12


1st Team: Tavyn Lords, Bonneville, 10

2nd Team: Koby Sorenson, Hillcrest, 11

Honorable mention: Anthony Martinez, Highland, 12; Trey Armstrong, Rigby, 11


1st Team:

Caden Christensen, Bonneville, 11

Kolmon Farnsworth, Highland, 12

Alex Cortez, Hillcrest, 11

McGwire Jephson, Rigby, 10

Bruer Webster, Bonneville, 11

Jordan Porter, Madison, 11

2nd Team:

Luke Patterson, Hillcrest, 10

Peyton Boudrero, Rigby, 12

Seth Nate, Highland, 10

Willie Nelson, Bonneville, 10


1st Team:

Andrew Olaveson, Bonneville, 12

Sam Liday, Highland, 12

Ben Fullmer, Rigby, 12

Austin Shirley, Hillcrest, 12

2nd Team:

Jordan Perez, Bonneville, 10

Garrett Marlowe, Hillcrest, 11

Keegan Zundel, Rigby, 12

Caden Holloway, Madison, 12


1st Team: Jaxon Weatherly, Hillcrest, 12

2nd Team: Kai Howell, Bonneville, 10

Honorable mention: Moki Jensen, Madison, 12; Freddie Sheppard, Rigby, 11

High Country Conference all-conference baseball

Coach of the Year: Ryan Alexander, Bonneville

Player of the Year: Randon Hostert, Bonneville, 11


First team: Tanner Clayton. Rigby. 12

Andrew Gregersen. Idaho Falls. 11

Second team: Logan Ferguson, Idaho Falls, 12

Mason Jacobsen, Skyline, 12

Honorable mention: Payson Mills, Blackfoot, 12

Jaden Schwab, Madison, 11


First team: Tavyn Lords, Bonneville, 10

Second team: Nick Layland, Skyline, 11

Emerson Stucki, Blackfoot, 12

Honorable mention: Koby Sorenson, Hillcrest, 11

Trey Armstrong, Rigby, 11

Caden White, Idaho Falls, 11


First team: Caden Christensen, Bonneville, 11

Cruz Taylor, Skyline, 10

Cannon Thompson, Idaho Falls, 11

Joseph Maddox, Blackfoot, 12

Bruer Webster, Bonneville, 11

Paul Wilson, Idaho Falls, 11

Second team: Tim Orgill, Skyline, 12

Alex Cortez, Hillcrest, 11

Jordan Porter, Madison, 11

McGwire Jephson, Rigby, 10

Luke Patterson, Hillcrest, 10


First team: Dillon Lenon, Idaho Falls, 12

Andrew Olaveson, Bonneville, 12

Easton Taylor, Skyline, 11

Ben Fullmer, Rigby, 12

Second team: Jordan Perez, Bonneville, 10

Garrett Marlowe, Hillcrest, 11

Keegan Zundel, Rigby, 12

Honorable mention: Austin Shirley, Hillcrest, 12

Jaxon Sorenson, Idaho Falls, 9

Caleb Wilson, Blackfoot, 12


First team: Jaxon Weatherly, Hillcrest, 12

Second team: Moki Jensen, Madison, 12

Honorable mention: Kai Howell, Bonneville, 10

Freddie Sheppard, Rigby, 11

4A District 5-6 all-conference baseball

Player of the Year: Andrew Gregersen, Idaho Falls

Coach of the Year: Pat Lloyd, Idaho Falls


First team: Logan Ferguson, Idaho Falls

Payson Mills, Blackfoot

Second Team: Nate Rose, Idaho Falls

Mason Jacobsen, Skyline

Ethan Holton, Preston


1st Team: Emerson Stucki, Blackfoot

Caden White, Idaho Falls

Quinton Standley, Pocatello


First Team: Payton Cleaves, Pocatello

Cannon Thompson, Idaho Falls

Cruz Taylor, Skyline

Paul Wilson, Idaho Falls

Tim Orgill, Skyline

Trei Hough, Pocatello

Second Team: Austin Losser. Century

Joseph Maddox. Blackfoot

Cayden Cornell. Blackfoot

Dillon Haslam. Preston

Isaiah Smith. Preston


1st Team: Dillon Lenon. Idaho Falls

Caleb Wilson. Blackfoot

Easton Taylor. Skyline

Ben Ditton. Century

Jaxon Sorenson. Idaho Falls

Skyler Broadhead, Preston

Honorable Mention: Jace Delong, Preston


1st Team: Braxton Ball, Idaho Falls

Taisom Casper, Pocatello

2nd Team: Kempton Motes, Skyline

Skyler Warner, Century

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