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Grizz, Tigers claim city/county XC meet

Skyline’s Sariah Harrison leads the girls race of the annual Idaho Falls city/county XC meet Wednesday at Tautphaus Park. Marlowe Hereford / mhereford@postregister.com


Runners in blue and orange owned the day at the annual Idaho Falls city/county meet Wednesday at Tautphaus Park.

Skyline teammates Sariah Harrison and Macy Olson went 1-2 in the girls race to lead the Grizzlies to the girls team title while I.F.’s Zach Erikson claimed the boys race to add another win to his season and lead the charge to the team title for the Tigers.

Harrison and Olson were stride for stride within the first mile before Harrison put some distance between herself and the rest of the pack. Olson, a sophomore, kept freshman Harrison within her sights the remainder of the race, however, and the two finished 11 seconds apart—Harrison with the win in 19:22.15 and Olson in second in 19:33.88. As Olson made her way through the finishers’ chute toward Harrison, the two extended their arms toward each other. Exhausted but elated, they embraced.

Harrison and Olson are used to being close together in races, and the two said it doesn’t matter who finishes ahead of who. The same was true Wednesday.

“We were just really happy to be done and really happy for each other,” Olson said. “When I see Sariah (ahead of me), I feel like I need to pace myself to try to stay with her because she’s working so hard, too.”

Harrison is believed to be Skyline’s first female individual city/county meet champion in at least a decade. Athletic.net records dating back to 2007 show that female individual city/county meet champions have been from Hillcrest and Idaho Falls. Upon learning this fact, Harrison got a pat on the back from Olson and both girls smiled.

Wednesday was the fourth meet Harrison has won this fall, and it was the second consecutive meet she and Olson finished 1-2. With districts and state remaining in the season, Harrison said she’d like to beat her personal best of 18:44.9.

“I’ve broken (19 minutes) twice, at Bob Firman and Rob Campbell,” Harrison said. “I’d like to finish off this season with a PR.”

Nearly every city school had a handful of runners who did not run Wednesday due to health reasons. The Skyline girls won without top-five runner Breanne Herrmann, who is coping with a muscle injury, and Olson and Harrison said other Grizzlies have been hurt or sick in recent weeks.

“We’ve kinda been struggling with injuries and illness,” Olson said. “I think we’re gonna be okay for districts.”

I.F.’s Zach Erikson is all by himself with the lead in the boys race in the annual Idaho Falls city/county meet Wednesday at Tautphaus Park. Marlowe Hereford / mhereford@postregister.com

While the girls race had four blue jerseys in the top 10, seven of the top 10 boys finishers were in orange jerseys. Erikson moved his win total to four for the season, building a considerable gap after the first mile and claiming the individual win in 16:25.15.

Erikson said Wednesday’s finish would have been closer if Bonneville sophomore Stetson Moss had run, and he keeps some things in mind when he leads a race on his own.

“When I’m running by myself (in the lead), I just try not to go too hard,” Erikson said. “I just try to treat it like a workout and not kill myself.”

Erikson won the title by a 13-second margin over Skyline’s Dallin Hart, whom he walked over to and high-fived after the race. It was the third meet this season that the two led local finishers in a boys race.

“Dallin is the nicest guy, holy cow,” Erikson said. “The other day we went on a run together, an easy nine miles. It’s fun seeing my friends doing good.”

The numerous orange jerseys crossing the finish line put a smile on Erikson’s face when he turned around to see them. Erikson said the Tigers are where they would like to be with just districts and state remaining.

“All of us are pretty close,” Erikson said. “Most of us are injury free. I think we’re going to have a great finish this year.”

Annual Idaho Falls city/county meet

Wednesday at Tautphaus Park, Idaho Falls

*complete results on athletic.net*


Team scores: 1. Idaho Falls 21, 2. Skyline 53, 3. Hillcrest 60, 4. Bonneville 120

Individual results (top 30 only)

1. Zach Erikson (IF) 16:25.15, 2. Dallin Hart (SKY) 16:38.2; 3. Mitchell Athay (IF) 17:08.78; 4. Reed Eddington (IF) 17:14.00; 5. Shane Jensen (HILL) 17:18.41; 6. Matthew Gyles (IF) 17:25.86; 7. Joseph Ereaux (IF) 17:25.97; 8. Eric Johnson (SKY) 17:30.81; 9. Isaac Corgatelli (IF) 17:36.81; 10. Porter Elison (IF) 17:43.25; 11. Zac Bright (IF) 17:56.93; 12. Zach Taylor (HILL) 18:12.14; 13. Bryce Dennert (SKY) 18:12.82; 14. Cameron Dennert (IF) 18:21.80; 15. Madsen Rhinehart (HILL) 18:22.79; 16. Tate Rhodes (SKY) 18:27.13; 17. Chris Zuck (HILL) 18:30.04; 18. Cole Funk (HILL) 18:33.85; 19. Jaxon Hathaway (SKY) 18:35.36; 20. Noah Holloway (SKY) 18:39.25; 21. Mason Weimer (HILL) 18:44.17; 22. Garrett Wetsel (HILL) 18:47.66; 23. Bryton Zohner (SKY) 18:55.53; 24. Hank Phillip (IF) 19:02.67; 25. Davis Weatherston (HILL) 19:04.00; 26. Hunter Young (SKY) 19:05.09; 27. Eli Sorensen (SKY) 19:05.42; 28. Matt Miller (BONN) 19:06.21; 29. Zack Beck (BONN) 19:06.38; 30. Kai Beattie (BONN) 19:06.61


Team scores: 1. Skyline 30, 2. Hillcrest 44, 3. Idaho Falls 58, 4. Bonneville 97

Individual results (top 30 only)

1. Sariah Harrison (SKY) 19:22.15; 2. Macy Olson (SKY) 19:33.88; 3. Hailey Thueson (HILL) 20:07.85; 4. Emma Clarke (IF) 20:19.21; 5. Adria Roberts (SKY) 20:19.94; 6. Savannah Cook (HILL) 20:44.07; 7. Kambria Seymour (HILL) 20:46.06; 8. Bailey Varvel (BONN) 20:47.38; 9. Ashley Graham (HILL) 21:02.12; 10. Megan Reed (SKY) 21:02.80; 11. Madi Mary (IF) 21:15.13; 12. Brinley Chambers (SKY) 21:19.56; 13. Liz Stewart (IF) 21:32.00; 14. Jennalee Lewis (IF) 21:33.55; 15. Annalise Cheret (SKY) 21:38.48; 16. Daphne Herway (IF) 21:42.57; 17. Breanna Bohney (BONN) 21:43.81; 18. Neisha Oakey (IF) 21:57.07; 19. Madeline Wetsel (HILL) 21:59.41; 20. Madi Andreason (IF) 22:01.47; 21. McKenna Lewis (IF) 22:03.24; 22. Kayla Hammer (BONN) 22:03.38; 23. Katie Meldrum (SKY) 22:06.67; 24. Jolissa Webb (HILL) 22:07.63; 25. Maci Wilkerson (IF) 22:10.11; 26. Maren Archibald (IF) 22:14.09; 27. Mariah Cook (HILL) 22:14.31; 28. Halli Olson (SKY) 22:15.96; 29. Elizabeth Harrison (SKY) 22:16.82; 30. Hannah Marchant (BONN) 22:22.48

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