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Johnson wins District 6 dunk contest, senior showcase excites local fans

Hillcrest’s Trey Johnshon wins the dunk contest during the District 6 Senior Showcase Basketball tournament on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. John Roark/ jroark@postregister.com

By LUKE O’ROARK | @LukeORoark

District 6 seniors, from all over eastern Idaho, packed Bonneville’s gym Wednesday evening.

Hillcrest’s Trey Johnson nearly tore the whole gym down, though.

Johnson won this year’s District 6 senior showcase dunk contest, throwing down three dunks that rattled Bonneville’s gym and sent some event goers into a frenzy.

He beat out Sugar-Salem’s Tom Baldwin in the final round, as well as a pool of 13 other dunkers (including teammates Parker Stevens and Jaxon Weatherly) to win the event. He finished the night off with a right-handed windmill dunk.

“Just went to the gym on Monday with my buddies and was practicing dunks I was gonna do,” Johnson said. “Sad to see it’s almost over, but I’m just glad to be able to play this game and it’s gonna be the last time on this court.”

Johnson may have practiced before Wednesday night’s event, but most teams strung together Wednesday didn’t. And didn’t have to, either.

Split up into “east” and “west” teams, the senior showcase pitted seniors from a variety of different teams together, allowing fans and spectators to see teams starters from multiple programs playing alongside one another.

A mostly jovial event — many players showcasing a repertoire of moves with a smile, like Bonneville’s Dillon Sorensen or Madison’s Hannah Wilson, with common hip-hop instrumentals playing in the background — ended with a lax 5A/4A “east vs. west” matchup.

The two teams traded 3-pointers throughout, as almost every player took a 3-pointer — including Rigby center Tane Togiai. The east would win, 93-78.

Bonneville’s Cortney McDonald pushes passed Blackfoot’s Sierra Sanchez during the District 6 Senior Showcase Basketball tournament on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. John Roark/ jroark@postregister.com

“I just came here with a mindset that I was here for a good time,” Wilson said. “I was playing with other girls I’m used to competing with so it was fun to play with and against them.”

The two closest bouts of the night came just before the annual dunk contest and 5A/4A senior game: 1A, 2A, 3A boys and 5A/4A girls.

The 1-3A boys came finished with Sugar-Salem’s Chandler Pincock hitting a 3-pointer with 30 seconds left to give the east team a 69-64 win over the west. The west overcame an 18-point deficit in the second half after Shelley’s Jack Thompson hit a 3-pointer with about two minutes to go to tie it.

For the girls 5A/4A, Wilson lead the west to a 44-40 victory. She hit a layup with 26 seconds left to give her team a four-point cushion. For the east, Skyline’s Erin Jenkins had 11.

Other events that broke up the girls and boys games was a 3-point shooting contest and six local players receiving sportsmanship awards (as well as $400 scholarships).

Rigby’s Mya Webber and Lincoln Bagley took home first in the 3-point shooting contest, outlasting Madison duo Brigham Williams and Brielle Hammond with 18 3-pointers. Williams and Hammond finished with 17.

This year’s sportsmanship awards were given to Wilson, Derek Marlowe (Hillcrest), Jace Johnson (Ririe), Allison Severe (West Jefferson), Savanah Crane (Sugar-Salem) and Chandler Pincock (Sugar-Salem).

“It kinda makes me a little bit sad, but I’m also really grateful for the opportunity,” Sugar-Salem’s Kayla Luke said of the overall atmosphere.

The event started off with 1-3A east dominating the west, 60-32. Luke made two 3-pointers in the second half. The west was led by Jazmin Romero’s 15 points.

Sugar-Salem’s Tom Baldwin scores a perfect 30 points in the dunk contest during the District 6 Senior Showcase Basketball tournament on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. John Roark/ jroark@postregister.com

After the game, Luke said she was glad to finish out her high school career on a lighter note. She said Wednesday’s games were more “street ball”.

Street ball? Sure. Fun? Yes.

“It was so fun,” Luke said. “I’m so glad I got to put the jersey on one more time before I’m done.”

Wednesday’s winners

Dunk contest winner: Hillcrest’ Trey Johnson

3-point shooting contest winners: Rigby’s Mya Webber and Lincoln Bagley

Sportsmanship award winner: Derek Marlowe (Hillcrest), Jace Johnson (Ririe), Hannah Wilson (Madison), Allison Severe (West Jefferson), Savanah Crane (Sugar-Salem), Chandler Pincock (Sugar-Salem).

1A, 2A, 3A girls: East 60, West 32

4A, 5A girls: West 44, East 40

1A, 2A, 3A, boys: East 69, West 64

4A. 5A boys: East 93, West 78

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