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Numerous local basketball players receive All-Idaho honors

Three local athletes received Player of the Year honors while 18 others were named to first and second team in the Idaho Statesman’s annual All-Idaho Basketball selections released online, in full, Friday.

Snake River seniors Kelsey Higginson and Clancy Thomas were honored as 3A All-Idaho girls and boys basketball players of the year. The honor is the first for Higginson, who averaged 16 points, 3.1 steals and 2.7 assists per game and shot 43.1 percent from the floor for the 3A state runner-up Panthers. Thomas, who averaged 19 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists per game for the 3A state third place Panthers, won the honor for the second year in a row.

Elsewhere in 3A, Sugar-Salem’s Kayla Luke and Macie Knapp received first team honors while South Fremont’s Olivia LeCheminant and Sugar-Salem’s Savanah Crane were named to second team. Sugar-Salem coach Crystal Dayley received 3A All-Idaho Girls Coach of the Year honors upon leading the 25-2 Diggers to their sixth state championship in program history. On the boys side, Sugar-Salem’s Chandler Pincock received first team honors while Shelley teammates Jack Thompson and Mason Price received second team.

Butte County senior Shay Lambson also received top honors by being named 1A Division II All-Idaho Girls Player of the Year. An All-Idaho first team selection last year, Lambson concluded her senior season averaging 12.84 points, 3.6 assists and 2 steals per game while shooting 36.6 percent from the floor, 35.2 percent from 3-point range and an area-best 90.8 percent from the free throw line for the repeat 1A Division II state champion Pirates. Butte County coach Carla Hansen received 1A Division II Girls Coach of the Year for the second consecutive year while Meg Buxton was named to first team and Tausha Cummins and Sherawn Brownlee were named to second team.

In 5A, Hillcrest’s Derek Marlowe received first team honors while Bonneville’s Cortney McDonald received second team. Hillcrest coach Dave Austin was also named 5A Boys Coach of the Year.

In 2A, West Jefferson’s Jordi Holdaway, Ririe’s Michael Ure and North Fremont’s Garrett Hawkes received All-Idaho first team recognition while Indee Williams, Maddie Johnson and Jace Johnson — all of Ririe — received second team honors.

The selections are compiled by a statewide coaches’ vote. The Statesman first asks coaches to nominate their own players for their classification’s All-Idaho team, then a ballot is compiled from the nominations and sent out to the coaches. The Statesman counts the votes and publishes the results.

Complete All-Idaho selections are below with local athletes and coaches bolded.


Player of the Year: Melody Kempton, Post Falls
Coach of the Year: Marc Allert, Post Falls

First team
Katelyn Murray, sr. F, Eagle
Bayley Brennan, sr. PG, Post Falls
Alyssa Bolt, sr. F, Borah
McKenna Emerson, sr. G, Eagle

Second team
Makenna Baker, jr. PG, Highland
Darian White, jr. PG, Mountain View
Cortney McDonald, sr. C, Bonneville
Beverly Slater, sr. G, Capital
Janie King, sr. G, Eagle

Lydia Nieto, sr. G, Bishop Kelly
Coach of the Year: Roger Caresia, Burley

First team
Jemilynn Mahoney, sr. C., Burley
Chinma Njoku, jr. C, Century
Grace Kirscher, sr. G, Sandpoint
Saydi Anderson, sr. PG, Minico

Second team
Kylie Meadows, sr. F, Mountain Home
Lexi Mitchell, jr. F, Middleton
Sydney Pilling, sr. PG, Burley
Theresa Reeping, sr. F, Bishop Kelly
Gracey Meyer, sr. F, Moscow

Player of the Year: Kelsey Higginson, sr. PG, Snake River
Coach of the Year: Crystal Dayley, Sugar-Salem

First team
Madison Jackson, jr. PG, Parma
Kayla Luke, sr. PG, Sugar-Salem
Macie Knapp, jr. G, Sugar-Salem
Grace Parker, jr. G, Gooding

Second team
Savanah Crane, sr. F, Sugar-Salem
Olivia LeCheminant, jr. C, South Fremont
Lilly Kelley, sr. G, Timberlake
Shelby Starr, sr. G, Timberlake
Brooke Jessen, fr. F, Timberlake

Player of the Year: Kori Pentzer, sr. G, Melba
Coach of the Year: Wade Schvaneveldt, Soda Springs

First team
Sadie Gronning, soph. G, Soda Springs
Reagan Yamauchi, jr. G, Soda Springs
Jordi Holdaway, jr. PG, West Jefferson
Shawnee Simpson, jr. F, Malad

Second team
Indee Williams, soph, G., Ririe
Emma Clark, jr. PG, Melba
Holly Golenor, sr. F, Cole Valley
Maddie Johnson, jr. PG, Ririe
Kaci Haeg, jr. F, St. Maries

1A Division I
Player of the Year: Rachel Mitton, sr. C, Oakley
Coach of the Year: Matt Payton, Oakley

First team
Amil Mitchell, sr. G, Lapwai
Brittany Hardy, sr. F, Oakley
Madison Hodnett, fr. F, Liberty Charter
Angela Wemhoff, sr. G, Prairie

Second team
Courtney Burt, sr. G, Genesee
Jordyn Higgins, jr. G, Prairie
Cierra Hennings, jr. PG, Shoshone
India Peery, soph. G, Prairie
Malia Good, soph. G, Ambrose

1A Division II
Player of the Year: Shay Lambson, sr. PG, Butte County
Coach of the Year: Carla Hansen, Butte County

First team
Bella Murekatete, jr. F, Genesis Prep
Rachel Schroeder, jr. PG, Genesis Prep
Siona Astorga, jr. F, Sho-Ban
Meg Buxton, sr. F, Butte County

Second team
Tausha Cummins, sr. PG, Butte County
Chevelle Shepherd, jr. PG, Salmon River
Sherawn Brownlee, sr. G, Butte County
Grace Ertel, jr. F, Tri-Valley
Angela Astorga, fr. PG, Sho-Ban


Player of the Year: Jake Pfennigs, Post Falls
Coach of the Year: Dave Austin, Hillcrest

First team
Jalen Galloway, sr. W, Mountain View
Derek Marlowe, sr. PG, Hillcrest
Ellis Magnuson, jr. PG, Borah
Paul Pennington, sr. PG, Boise

Second team
Hunter Ranstrom, sr. G, Rocky Mountain
Austin Bolt, soph. F, Borah
Tyler O’Donnell, sr. W, Rocky Mountain
Tanner McCliment-Call, sr. G, Post Falls
Daxton Carr, sr. F, Highland

Player of the Year: Brayden Parker, sr. C, Preston
Coach of the Year: Tyler Jones, Preston

First team
Ryan Bagley, sr. G, Burley
Derek Wadsworth, sr. PG, Preston
Max Rice, sr., Bishop Kelly
Andrew Ferrin, sr. F, Burley

Second team
Cayden Wright, sr. G, Skyview
Britten Atkinson, sr. G, Preston
Faust Ystueta, jr. PG, Twin Falls
Chris Kielman, sr. PG, Skyview
Amoro Lado, jr. PG, Vallivue

Player of the Year: Clancy Thomas, sr. F, Snake River
Coach of the Year: Mike Fitch, Fruitland

First team
Jake O’Neil, jr. F, Fruitland
Chase Jerome, sr. G, Kellogg
Chandler Pincock, sr. W., Sugar-Salem
Trey Garey, sr. PG, Kimberly

Second team
Mason Price, sr. W., Shelley
Drake Stampfli, jr. F, Fruitland
Connor Golay, sr. G, Kimberly
Jack Thompson, sr. G, Shelley
Jacob Richins, sr. W, Fruitland

Player of the Year: Avery Carlsen, sr. PG, Bear Lake
Coach of the Year: Brandon Carlsen, Bear Lake

First team
Michael Ure, jr. F, Ririe
Keegan Duncan, jr. W., Declo
Garrett Hawkes, jr. G, North Fremont
Hayden Peterson, sr. F, Bear Lake

Second team
Jake Hall, sr. PG, Aberdeen
Trey Smyer, sr. PG, Declo
Jace Johnson, sr. G, Ririe
Houston Peterson, sr. W, Bear Lake
Trey Shaul, jr. PG, Bear Lake

1A Division I
Player of the Year: Emmit Taylor III, Lapwai
Coach of the Year: Bob Sobotta Jr., Lapwai

First team
Ethan Christianson, sr. G, Ambrose
Zane Mussmann, jr. F, Valley
Paycen Jensen, sr. PG, Grace
Kendall Leighton, jr. G, Lapwai

Second team
Daxx Jorgensen, sr. F, Grace
Hunter Chaffee, sr. G, Prairie
Payton Sobotta, jr. PG, Lapwai
Gavin Miller, sr. PG, Horseshoe Bend
Spencer Schumacher, jr. F, Prairie

1A Division II
Player of the Year: Slade Dill, Dietrich
Coach of the Year: Wayne Dill, Dietrich

First team
Jonny Hillman, jr. G, Genesis Prep
Kade Shaw, sr. G, Dietrich
Hayden Wayment, sr., Carey
Junior Williams, sr. PG, Genesis Prep

Second team
Lance Nichols, sr. F, Council
Spencer Permann, sr. C, Rockland
Jalen Kirk, sr. G, Deary
Chip Mitchell, sr. PG, Tri-Valley
Brett Rosengrant, sr. PG, Council

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