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2013 All-conference volleyball selections

*all-conference teams are selected by coaches*


Player of the Year: Kylee Giles, senior OH, Bonneville

Coach of the Year: Chantal McMurtrey, Bonneville

First team

Haylie Keck, sophomore OH, Bonneville

Maya Taylor, freshman OH, Idaho Falls

Cassidy Cook, senior OH, Hillcrest

Madi Hillam, senior MB, Idaho Falls

Madi Harris, senior RS, Bonneville

Kiarra Johnson, senior setter, Idaho Falls

Mackenzie Johnson, senior libero, Bonneville

Second team

Nicole Breidenbach, senior OH, Skyline

Bailey Klingler, junior OH, Madison

Braydn Bartschi, senior OH, Idaho Falls

Brooke Roberts, senior MB, Hillcrest

Cassidy Sellers, junior RS, Madison

Mikayla Kane, senior setter, Hillcrest

Bailee Mills, junior libero, Idaho Falls

Honorable mention

Lindsay Cook, sophomore OH, Hillcrest; Holly Gunderson, junior OH, Blackfoot; Katey Turner, junior OH, Blackfoot; Kaitlin Hawke, senior OH, Rigby; Bailey Johnson, junior OH, Madison; Taylor Sutton, junior MB, Idaho Falls; Kelsi McDermott, senior MB, Blackfoot; Melissa Adams, junior MB, Madison; Megan Poling, senior RS, Idaho Falls; Ashtyn Durfey, senior RS, Hillcrest; Baylee Gorder, sophomore RS, Blackfoot; Rachel Sutton, junior setter, Madison; Mckenzi Lott, senior setter, Skyline; Lacey Turpin, senior setter, Blackfoot; Mataia Roderick, senior setter, Madison; Gentry Carter, senior libero, Blackfoot; Gabby Miller, senior libero, Madison; Bailey Miller, sophomore libero, Skyline; Marie Miller, senior libero, Hillcrest


Coach of the Year: Cami Dodson, Sugar-Salem

Player of the Year: Felicia Nelson, senior OH, Sugar-Salem

First Team

Sierra Spratling, senior RS, Sugar-Salem

Brooke Rammell, senior OH, Teton

McKenzie Siddoway, senior OH, Sugar-Salem

Ashlyn Yancey, senior MB, Shelley

Courtney Hildebrand, senior MB, South Fremont

Mikayla Sobieski, senior setter, Shelley

Jen Richards, senior libero, Shelley

Second Team

Myah Gillespie, senior RS, Shelley

Nicole Trost, junior OH, South Fremont

Emily Goodworth, senior OH, Shelley

Michone Bingham, junior MB, Sugar-Salem

Jenna Abbott, freshman MB, Teton

Allie Hawkes, senior setter, Sugar-Salem

Jessica Carson, senior libero, Teton

Honorable Mention

Lydia Garner, senior libero, Sugar-Salem; Arielle Smith, junior MB, Shelley; Karli Siddoway, senior MB, Sugar-Salem; Tazie Hobbs, senior setter, South Fremont; Kati Dery, junior setter, Teton; McKenna Grant, senior MB, South Fremont


Coach of the Year: Carla Reeves, Firth

Player of the Year: Dakota Marshall, OH, North Fremont

First team

Bailey Nelson, OH, Firth

Kylie McCree, OH, Firth

Deshka Olson, OH, Salmon

Amy Johnson, MH, Ririe

Kayla Jensen, MH, Firth

Carly Knudson, MH, Salmon

Ashley Sanders, MH, Firth

Britton Bean, OPP/RS, Firth

Jordyn Park, setter, Firth

Sarah Holmes, DS, Salmon

Second team

Madeline Connaughton, OH, Ririe

Bailey Lynes, MH, Ririe

Cyrita Lee, MH, North Fremont

Erin Brown, OPP/RS, Ririe

Josie Holdaway, setter, West Jefferson

Katie Harrigfeld, setter, North Fremont

Shaylee Sherrard, setter, Ririe

Hannah Hossner, DS, North Fremont

Honorable mention

Sicilee Williams, OH, Ririe; Alyssa Hawkes, OH, North Fremont; Kenadee Moon, OH, Ririe; Abbie Shupe, MH, West Jefferson; Camry Jacobs, MH, West Jefferson; Bailee Burgess, setter, Salmon


Player of the Year: Aly Sauer, Hagerman

Coach of the Year: Katie Knight, Hagerman

First Team

Hayley White, Hagerman

Larissa Knight, Hagerman

Alexis Tuckett, Raft River

Reese Peters, Hansen

Kate Skinner, Grace

Brielle Sheppeard, Challis

Matea Pearson, Butte County

Second Team

Sheyenne Hadden, Shoshone

Jenna Harris, Hansen

Renee Peters, Hansen

Ashlyn Taylor, Butte County

Tara Chamberlain, Challis

Mackenie Windley, Grace

Lauren Schumann, Raft River

Honorable Mention

Marisa Palermo, Hagerman; Taryn Whitaker, Raft River


First team

Savannah Farr, senior MH, Rockland

Rebecca Bean, junior OH, Leadore

Alex Nelson, senior MB, Mackay

Jenine Killian, senior OH/S, Clark County

Sarah Thomas, senior OH, Mackay

Josey Grover, senior MH, Clark County

Second team

Bailey McCulloch, senior MH, North Gem

Kelsey Glenn, senior RH/OH, Rockland

Cheyan James, junior MB, Mackay

Malyssa Guthrie, senior OH, North Gem

McKayla McLain, senior setter, North Gem

Taylor Platt, senior OH/MB, Calvary Chapel


*selected by coaches at the 3A, 4A and 5A state volleyball tournaments*

Class 5A

First team

Emilee Schlader, junior OH, Lewiston

Maddi Osburn, senior OH, Vallivue

Katie Elgan, senior MB, Rocky Mountain

Kiarra Johnson, senior setter, Idaho Falls

Maya Taylor, freshman OH, Idaho Falls

Brett Hastings, junior MB, Lewiston

Second team

Sarah Barker, senior setter, Timberline

Klaree Hobart, senior OH, Lewiston

Corinne Prindle, senior libero, Rocky Mountain

Kilee Lopez, senior libero, Vallivue

Carson Mondada, senior OH, Timberline

Kate Tsourmas, junior MB, Boise

Haile Watson, senior MB; Lake City

Makayla Wilson, junior setter, Lewiston

Class 4A

First team

Kayla Ellis, junior OH, Century

Hailey Cook, senior setter, Skyview

Kylee Giles, senior OH, Bonneville

Rachel Greiner, senior OH, Bishop Kelly

Lily Austin, senior libero, Skyview

Samantha Parris, senior setter, Century

Haylie Keck, sophomore OH, Bonneville

Sierra Starley, senior OH, Twin Falls

Madi Harris, senior RS, Bonneville

Second team

Becky Christensen, senior OH, Century

Mackenzie Johnson, senior libero, Bonneville

Henny Hearn, junior MB, Century

Isabelle Statkus, senior RS, Century

Jaqueline Cuttlers, junior libero, Century

Hannah Neumann, senior OH, Sandpoint

Emma Liband, senior MB, Sandpoint

Emily Nay, senior MB, Skyview

Nikki Davidson, senior OH, Skyview

Class 3A

First team

Brylie Bair, senior OH, Snake River

Holli Mullins, junior MB, Fruitland

Sierra Spratling, senior RS, Sugar-Salem

Makayla Stockett, senior MB, Parma

Beth Bykerk, senior RS, Priest River

Hannah Murdock, senior libero, Snake River

Second team

Felicia Nelson, senior OH, Sugar-Salem

Ashlyn Yancey, senior MB, Shelley

Mikayla Sobieski, senior setter, Shelley

Jennifer Richards, senior libero, Shelley

Sarah Sharp, 6-3, senior OH, Filer

Allie Hawkes, 5-9, senior setter, Sugar-Salem

Makena Shelley, senior OH, Snake River

Lacy Keeton, junior OH, Fruitland

Cara Vierstra, senior MB, Filer

Katie Trammel, senior MB, Filer

Myah Gillespie, junior OH, Shelley

Katlyn Summers, junior MB, Priest River

Natalie Morse, junior OH, Buhl

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