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2014 All-conference volleyball selections

*all-conference teams are selected by coaches*

5A/4A High Country Conference

Coach of the Year: Wendy Johnson, Idaho Falls

Co-Players of the Year: Haylie Keck, junior outside hitter, Bonneville; Maya Taylor, soph. outside hitter, Idaho Falls

First team

Maddy Reeb, soph. setter, Idaho Falls

Madison Johnson, junior libero/defensive specialist, Idaho Falls

Bailey Klingler, senior outside hitter, Madison

Bailee Mills, senior outside hitter, Idaho Falls

Cassidy Sellers, senior right side hitter, Madison

Kaydre Thompson, junior middle blocker, Idaho Falls

Taylor Sutton, senior middle blocker, Idaho Falls

Second team

Rachel Sutton, senior setter, Madison

Chandler Durfey, senior libero/defensive specialist, Hillcrest

Lindsay Cook, junior outside hitter, Hillcrest

Halle Hess, junior outside hitter, Bonneville

Hannah Shippen, senior middle blocker, Rigby

Kylie Lott, senior middle blocker, Bonneville

Sabrina Baldwin, senior middle blocker, Hillcrest

Melissa Adams, senior middle blocker, Madison

Honorable mention

Michaela Fundum, senior setter, Blackfoot; Macady Boyce, junior setter, Rigby; Cortney McDonald, freshman setter, Bonneville; Bailey Miller, junior libero/defensive specialist, Skyline; Kiley McMurtrey, soph. libero/defensive specialist, Bonneville; Madi Wright, junior libero/defensive specialist, Idaho Falls; Mattie Turner, senior libero/defensive specialist, Blackfoot ;Dani Weaver, freshman libero/defensive specialist, Madison; Sabrina Ure, senior outside hitter, Hillcrest ;Holly Gunderson, senior middle blocker, Blackfoot

3A District 6

Coach of the Year: Dave Cousin, Shelley

Player of the Year: Chaise Dodson, Sugar-Salem, Setter

First team

Sam Waite, Outside Hitter, Shelley

Myah Gillespie, Right side, Shelley

Alexis Thompson, Middle Blocker, Shelley

Michone Bingham, Outside Hitter, Sugar-Salem

Abby Allen, Libero, Sugar-Salem

Harlee Speth, Outside Hitter, South Fremont

Taylor Harris, Libero, South Fremont

Jenna Abbott, Middle Blocker, Teton

Second team

Arielle Smith, Middle Blocker, Shelley

Abby Chapple, Defensive Specialist, Shelley

Lacey Hamilton, Outside Hitter, Sugar-Salem

Addi Gehmlich, Right side, Sugar-Salem

Tailie Singleton, Outside Hitter, South Fremont

Martina Wilder, Setter, South Fremont

Kylie Walker, Outside Hitter, Teton

Sabrina Kaufman, Outside Hitter, Teton

Honorable Mention

Kallie Brown, Setter, Shelley; Hannah Hanson, Libero, Shelley; Peyton Crapo, Middle Blocker, Sugar-Salem; Amanda Rudd, Defensive Specialist, Sugar-Salem; McKell Geisler, Middle Blocker, South Fremont; Shelby Kincaid, Middle Blocker, Teton; Gabrielle Berry, Libero, Teton

2A Nuclear Conference

Player of the Year: Bailey Nelson, outside hitter, Firth

Coach of the Year: Carla Reeves, Firth

First team

Ashley Sanders, outside hitter, Firth

Sierra McDonald, outside hitter, West Jefferson

Sicilee Williams, outside hitter, Ririe

Carly Knudson, middle blocker, Salmon

Kylie Peets, middle blocker, Salmon

Katie Harrigfeld, setter, North Fremont

Jenny Robinson, libero, Firth

McKinley Litton, libero, North Fremont

Second team

Haylee Bingham, outside hitter, Salmon

Ashlee Caywood, outside hitter, Salmon

Haddi Williams, outside hitter, Ririe

Cyrita Lee, middle blocker, North Fremont

Kallee Nickerson, middle blocker, West Jefferson

Hailey Lewis, middle blocker, Ririe

Bailee Burgess, setter, Salmon

Natalie Gibson, setter, Firth

Ashlee Adams, defensive specialist, Firth

Natalie Jolley, defensive specialist, Firth

Honorable mention

Alexa Litton, outside hitter, North Fremont; Jade Skidmore, setter, West Jefferson; Brooklyn Wood, defensive specialist, West Jefferson

1A Division I District 5-6 High Desert Conference

Player of the Year: Brielle Sheppeard, senior outside hitter, Challis

First team

Abby Sensabaugh, junior outside hitter, Challis

Tara Chamberlain, soph. setter, Challis

Ashlyn Taylor, senior outside hitter, Butte County

Punky Collins, senior setter, Butte County

Maisy Smith, junior middle blocker, Butte County

Janessa Rigby, soph. outside hitter, Grace

Kyrie Christensen, junior libero, Grace

Honorable Mention

Savannah D’Orazio, senior setter, Challis; Vanessa Bruno, soph. middle blocker, Challis; Conlin Coburn, freshman libero, Butte County; Bailee Waymire, senior outside hitter, Butte County; Brook Mathews, junior outside hitter, Grace; Shelby Stoddard, freshman setter, Grace

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